Whistle Blowing Policy

“Do you suspect, or are you aware of, any misconduct or corruption happening at Anglo Wax? It is important that you alert us. This means contacting us to blow the whistle and report your concerns.”

We promise

You will be protected, and your identity kept secret.

We will take prompt action to investigate what you have reported.

Our Whistle Blower Policy

We encourage our employees, our customers and the public to come to us with any concerns regarding possible illegal or unethical conduct, or malpractice. This whistleblower policy exists to make certain that any Whistleblower will be protected and shall not be subject to retaliation, and to ensure that their concerns are properly investigated.

Whistleblowers are protected against being dismissed or penalised by Anglo Wax, and we will consider mitigating circumstances if the Whistleblower him/herself is involved in the activity that he/she reports.

Please tell us your concerns

We would like to hear from you if you are aware of any of the following activities:

Suspected or actual incidents of fraud.

Breach of confidentiality, bribery.

Suspected or actual misleading or deceptive conduct including action or representation that amounts to improper or misleading accounting.

Auditing matters including disclosures or subversions of any internal or external audit process.

Other unethical behaviors.

Contact Us

To report an incident please contact via email. We shall act promptly to investigate the issue:

Managing Director

Email: anglowax@yahoo.com


Email: anglowax@gmail.com

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